Lyre Dangle in Carribbean

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  • A shapely swell of color, accented with 4 mm crystal pearl. A Blue Bus designed silver-plated eyehook perfectly fits the porcelain curve. Hung from a sterling French hook. Rubber earnut provided for security on the ear.


    Size: 3/4" x 1/2"


    Handmade in Durham, North Carolina



    The extreme detail and intense color in the ceramic work results from the use of over 500 different colors of clay in an ancient technique known as millefiori. In this technique, carefully designed loaves of clay are formed from colored porcelains. Next, cross-sections are sliced from the loaves, and these sections are shaped and finished into individual pieces, then glazed and fired–three times. A 23+ karat platinum edging is applied, and the piece receives its final fire.