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Pomegranate Rollerball Eau de Parfum

  • Beyond Perfume:

    Breathe a whirlwind of positive vibes with Solinotes fragrance collection! A palette of fragrances composed from super-ingredients to take care of yourself and give an unexpected energy pick-me-up.


    A Unique Scent:

    An emphatically feminine fragrance bursting with energy and exotic sensations. Tangy and dynamic green notes are sure to unveil the more sparkling aspects of your personality. Intense, spicy and incredibly juicy, Pomegranate is the summer classic with a twist of freshness. Sandalwood brings a warm and powerful base.


    • When you need to increase your creativity, use the mood boosting power of Pomegranate: it’s STIMULATING.


    Size:  0.33 oz

    Made in France

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